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Golfing Tips for National Golf Lover’s Day


Golfball on a tee with a golfclub

Halloween isn’t the only day of the month you get to celebrate in October! Enjoy the entire month by celebrating every day of this spooktacular season, and even the unique holidays that don’t get much attention. This week, the 4th, is National Golf Lover’s Day, so head out to your favorite golf course near your Mansions at Briggs Ranch apartment in San Antonio, TX. Put these tips to use for your best game ever.


Practice good form.

Having good posture will ensure you’re not only golfing well but also safely! Take dead aim with each shot and check your alignment so you can practice falling into the groove. Create a solid stance and tilt at your hips (not your waist) for maximum power.


Good posture isn’t the only thing you should practice! You should also practice how you strike the ball. Each club is different, so you’ll need to work with the specific loft of each one to lift the ball naturally and follow through strongly.


Use your body for power.

As hinted above, tilting at your hips is an important way to bring power to your swing, all while keeping good form. Real power in a swing comes from the body, not your arms. Move the club with your body to drag the ball in the air and swing it up more consistently.


Practice your putting.

If you want to improve your score, focus on putting, chipping, and pitching. Improving these will lead to lower scores on a more regular basis. So check out these seven ways to become a putting machine to catch the things that may be slipping your notice and holding you back.


What keeps you improving at your golfing game? Share your best tips with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope you have a successful game and a great National Golf Lover’s Day.