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Set the Mood for Thanksgiving

person setting a fancy table outside for dinner

Hosting Thanksgiving in your apartment can be a stressful undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be when you prepare! If you’re inviting guests over for dinner this week at The Mansions at Briggs Ranch, remember to set the mood. Today we have reminders for the details not to forget in your preparation to help everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Clean and decorate.

Give yourself a clean slate to put your favorite fall and Thanksgiving decorations up throughout your apartment by removing clutter from your apartment and putting things away. Disinfect, dust, and wipe down surfaces so they can really sparkle under the decorations to come.

And when you’re ready, get decorating! Easy ways to do so include adding pillowcases and blankets in warmer hues to your sofas, framing a thankful printable and displaying on a wall or shelf, and putting together a Thanksgiving tablescape.

Don’t forget the senses.

Take care of the sense of sight with your decorations, but don’t forget the other senses to complete the experience! Light a candle in your favorite fall scent. Buy or put together a fall potpourri to add subtle traces of autumn to your apartment. Put on some of your favorite Thanksgiving songs to play gently in the background. Just make sure all your finishing touches will meld well with the aromas of cooking food and your songs are quiet enough that they won’t disrupt the chatter.

Encourage positive interactions.

Holidays are infamous for being a breeding ground for insensitive comments and family fights. Do what you can as the host or even as a guest to keep these to a minimum by redirecting conversation topics to positive ones or to keep the peace when tensions arise. Introduce people who don’t know others and help them feel welcome in any way you can to make it a memorable holiday — for all the right reasons.

Are you having guests over for dinner this week? What other important measures you do make sure to include in your preparations to make it a successful gathering? Share your thoughts with the rest of our San Antonio, TX apartment community by leaving a comment. Good luck! We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.