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Set Up a Book Group

a book group meeting in a living room

Author Carla Krueger once said, “Books are like rivers, meandering this way and that, but taking us on a steady, flowing course to somewhere different.” Access to books is one of the hallmarks of American society. Public libraries dot the land, and the internet makes books available to everyone. Do you recall the kid at school who always had his nose in a book?

Chances are, that student is still reading, and if you like to read too, you can bet that The Mansions at Briggs Ranch in San Antonio, TX there are plenty of other people who like to read. One of the perks of living here is the use of the resident clubhouse. What better place to get together for a lively discussion about books? Today’s blog is about how to go about organizing a book club.

Book clubs can be set up in so many different ways, but two ingredients are always necessary: books and readers. Generally speaking, as a group you decide your method for choosing a book. Will one person choose a book for the group each month? Or will you collaborate each month? The benefit of having one person take the “lead” each month is you can have someone to come up with discussion questions.

Establish good relationships with each member so you can all feel comfortable opening up about your opinions, thoughts, and observations about the book. Throwing in some good snacks or food is always a plus. Decide how you’ll put together refreshments when you start.

Book clubs can be set up to be formal or informal. They can focus on a specific genre or explore multiple genres. You can plan your books for the entire year or go month to month to keep up with the latest releases. In some book groups, the person who brings the food that month chooses the book, too. The gathering can be held at the same time every month (for example, every third Wednesday) or on a rotating schedule. Decide what you’re all up for but be flexible!

What is your favorite book? Are you in a book club? Share your thoughts, ideas, and book recommendations with the rest of the apartment community in the comment section.