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Tips for Starting a Gratitude Journal

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Happy November! This month is the time to focus on giving thanks, if you aren’t doing so already. Today our blog post for The Mansions at Briggs Ranch has ideas for how to start a gratitude journal so you can look for and record what you’re grateful for in your San Antonio, TX apartment.

Choose a medium.

While a journal may bring to mind a place for you to write, it doesn’t actually have to be if that’s not the most effective way for you to journal. Find a way for you to record your treasures, whether that’s through a physical or virtual photo album or a physical notebook. You can paint, draw, write, or even make a craft of something that inspires gratitude.

Find a prompt.

Some gratitude journals hold spaces for you to write something each day or each week that can take you a minute or five. Etsy also has a range of beautiful gratitude journals you can try. Get something that works for you. Then when you’re actually ready to get journaling, get inspired by a prompt! Your journal may have one for you, but if not, you can definitely come up with your own or find some elsewhere.

We suggest settling into a nice mix between depth and breadth. Sometimes it’s easy to think of something meaningful. Other times it’s good to take pleasure in the simple things in life. These 52 gratitude prompts for journal or conversation can also get you thinking!


Sharing is supposed to be caring, so spread your cheer this month by expressing your gratitude to someone or even sharing the results of your journaling experiences. Thanking someone specific improves relations and keeps you in a positive mindset, and sharing your journaling experiences even somewhere like social media can reinforce your feelings and inspire someone to try a gratitude journal, too.

What are your favorite ways to journal during the holidays? Let us know in the comments! We hope you enjoy starting a gratitude journal this fall. Good luck, and happy writing!